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About us

NetballStars was created to offer an alternative sports activity for young people in the Newbury area and began its journey in October 2018. We encourage children to not only learn the skills of the sport but also to learn that exercise can be fun now and in the future. At NetballStars we promote the social side of being part of a team, so new friends are made and experiences are created.

To allow us to design a fun and safe environment we have carried out the necessary training required to achieve this. The NetballStars Team hold the following qualifications:

  • All England Netball Coaching Qualification

  • Level 2 Certificate in Coaching (Sport and Physical Activity)

  • First Aid in Sport

  • DBS Checks

  • Safeguarding

Meet the Team

Maria has loved netball for 20 years and still enjoys her games with her team in the Basingstoke Netball League. In addition to the NetballStars qualifications, Maria is a C Award netball umpire. She lives in Newbury with her husband and two children.


Sharon has played netball since primary school and has been a member of the Newbury Netball League for over 15 years. She lives in Thatcham with her partner and two children who will be joining NetballStars when they get bigger.


Kelly has played league netball for over 20 years after falling in love with the game at Primary School. She is a qualified community sports leader and is excited to pass on her netball experience and knowledge to the next generation of netball stars. Kelly lives in Thatcham with her husband and two sons.


Amy has played netball for 30 years, starting at Primary School and went on to join the Newbury Netball League where she played for over 10 years. When Amy's daughter joined NetballStars she decided she would like to get involved and joined NetballStars as a coach. She lives in Thatcham with her husband, two children and dog Oreo.


Lynne has played netball for over 30 years, initially in the Newbury Netball league and has recently joined the Hungerford Social League. She has been supporting from the side lines since her daughter joined NetballStars in 2018 and has now decided to get more involved and join as a coach. She lives in Thatcham with her husband, her 2 teenagers and her dog, Nigel!

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