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What is MatchStars?

An opportunity for junior players to enjoy a netball match each week. All abilities are welcome to sign up and do not have to be a NetballStars Member to join us. We love a bit of competition and the winners will be celebrated after each match but as this is not a league or tournament no results will be recorded and the competition will reset again the following week!

When and where does it take place?


Tuesday evenings at Kennet School in Thatcham. The matches are scheduled between 6.30pm to 7.30pm. 

How does it work?

New teams and positions will be made each week by randomly selecting a bib which will indicate the team and position and will swap to the opposite position after the first quarter eg WA will swap to WD, GA to GD and C stays in position!! At half time the players will stay in their teams but bibs are randomly selected again to allow them to play as many positions as possible. Why? To ensure our young players get the chance to experience different positions and play within a new team each week. 

The Detail

The matches will either be 7 a side or Hi5, depending on the attendance that week. If less than 10 players are available then an alternative game will be played. If matches are cancelled due to weather then we will look to re-schedule.

Each match will be 40 minutes, split in to 10 minute quarters with 2 minutes breaks after quarter 1 and 3 and 5 minute break at half time. The players will also receive a 5 minute warm up and cool down, making the session one hour in total.


Umpires will be provided at a standard suitable to the level of match. We would like for qualified umpires to come join us but also encourage umpires in training, experienced umpires returning to the whistle or players looking to start their umpiring journey, we feel that there is the room for all. All umpires will be positive, encouraging, fair and most importantly, they will ensure fun is had by all.


The Rules


We will be following the 2020 England Netball rules. Bibs and balls will be available. Suitable clothing and footwear to be worn to play netball and the rule of no jewellery and short nails will be followed.

How much does it cost?

NetballStars Member (currently attending Saturday mornings) - £6.00 a match. £42.00 for the first half of the autumn term.

Non NetballStars Member (or previous member not currently attending Saturday mornings) - £8.50 a match. £59.50 for the first half of the autumn term.

The matches take place over 7 weeks and the full half term fees to be paid in advance of the scheduled matches.

What to do next...

If all of the above sounds like a lot of fun and just what a netball loving person needs, then please join us by clicking the button below.

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