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We are excited to announce our plans to offer Junior Netball Matches this summer!! It is early days in the planning so there are still details to be confirmed but we thought we would first see who is interested?

What we know so far....

  • Matches will take place on the same night each week in term time

  • The different age groups will be:

    • U9 - Years 3 and 4​

    • U11 - Years 5 and 6

    • U13 - Years 7 and 8

    • U14 - Years 9 and 10

  • Each session will be an hour and the match will be 40mins with the following timings:

    • 5 minute warm up and team selection​

    • 10 minute first half

    • 2 minute break

    • 10 minute second half

    • 5 minute break

    • 10 minute third half

    • 2 minute break

    • 10 minute fourth half

    • 5 minute cool down and best players

  • A minimum of 14 players registered in the age group for the match to be scheduled

  • A maximum of 14 players registered in the age group to limit number of substitutions in a match.

  • Games will be be either 7 a side or hi5 depending on numbers on the night

  • Players will be allocated a team on the night by selecting a colour ball out a bag and positions decided eg playing with different players and possibly different positions each week

  • Captain will be decided each week by selecting a coloured ball with C on it (Under 9 Captain will be supported). The captains responsibility will be:

    • Work with the team to select positions

    • Arrange substitutions if required

    • Discuss with team in breaks possible change of position/tactics/everyone happy

    • Rock paper scissors with other team captain and agree with team outcome if a win

    • Collect bibs at the end of the match

    • Lead discussions with team to select player of the match and shake hand

    • Lead hip hip hooray to thank other team and umpires 

  • Umpires and MatchStars Coordinator will assist players with any questions and provide coaching if felt required to make a better game

  • There will be 10 matches and each player is committed to pay and play all matches prior to registering

  • In the event a player is unable to attend they must notify the MatchStars co-ordinator. The match will be cancelled if 4 or more players are unable to attend.

  • The matches will have two umpires. 

  • Best players will be decided at the end of each match

  • Matches will be competitive on the night but no results will be recorded or used thereafter 

  • The structure of the matches is to encourage our young netballers to try different positions, play with new friends and find ways to work together to make the best team

  • Netball Dresses not required

  • Bibs and balls will be supplied

  • All umpires and organisers will hold a DBS and aware of safeguarding

  • Qualified first aider will be present

  • If match cancelled due to weather it will be rescheduled for the end of the match fixtures (3 dates in July available before school holidays)

  • Insurance?

Things to be decided...

  • What week night

  • Location

  • Schedule of matches and timings

  • Cost (thinking £5.00 per player per match. £5.00 x 14 =£70 a match. Minus £16 court and £20? umpires = £34.00. Each player pays in blocks of 10 so £50.

  • Dates - If a Wednesday 17th April, 24th April, 1st May, 8th May, 15th May, 22nd May, 5th June, 12th June, 19th June and 26th June

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